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3 Spooky Visitors That Can Invade An Unclean Workspace

October is flying by and Halloween is just around the corner. And while we may enjoy spooky decorations around the office during Halloween, there are some spooky visitors that can invade an unclean workspace any time of year. Check out these three “spooky” things that...

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How a Clean Workspace Promotes Productivity

Productivity is one of the most important factors in a successful work environment. Did you know that a clean workspace will increase productivity? A clean office helps employees feel motivated and organized. A messy workspace, on the other hand, makes for...

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The Importance of Using Green Cleaning Practices

At BES Cleaning, we are committed to using environmentally-friendly practices in our services. We only have one Earth, and we believe it is extremely important to do what we can to protect it. Not only do we want to help clean your commercial space, we want to help...

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Tips for Cleaning Up After a Storm

South Carolina recently felt the effects of Tropical Storm Irma, and while the storm has thankfully passed, cleanup is just beginning. Following a storm such as a hurricane, cleanup can be a daunting, yet necessary, task. Whether your office, industrial space, or...

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The Power of a Clean Workspace

When it comes to our desks and workspaces, everyone is different. Some people habitually keep their desks organized and tidy, while others allow files, coffee mugs, and other items to pile up. And though some thrive in a messy environment, the power of a clean...

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Benefits of Using a Green Cleaning Service

At BES Cleaning, we provide green cleaning services that are designed to produce less waste and conserve electricity and water. We also use eco-friendly cleaning products. At BES Cleaning, we are committed to providing cleaning services that are healthy both for the...

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6 Reasons to Keep Your Carpets Clean

Keeping the office carpets clean is probably the last thing on your mind behind the many important day-to-day tasks that come with running an office. However, regular carpet cleaning is extremely important when it comes to maintaining a healthy, productive workspace....

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How School Cleanliness Affects Student Performance

When you think about factors contributing to a student’s academic success, a clean school environment probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. However, research shows that school cleanliness does affect students’ academic performance and success. In fact,...

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Five Natural Stain Removers You Already Have in Your Pantry

We all know that feeling -- that stomach-dropping feeling when, as if in slow motion, you watch a glass of wine, salsa or pizza tumble onto your favorite couch and then the carpet. Don’t pollute the air in your home by spraying around harsh, unsafe chemicals to clean...

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How to Refresh Your Rug

With the proper care, a carpet can last about 3 to 5 years before the fibers begin to fray and replacement is necessary. However, regular wear and tear, pets, and if you’re dealing with a rental carpet, tenants, can drastically shorten the lifespan of your rug....

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