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There’s no worse feeling than realizing you’ve run out of an essential at the office. Whether it’s coffee filters, toilet tissue, or trash liners, running out of consumable supplies is a hassle. While it may seem simple, the process of monitoring supplies, putting in new orders, and restocking the office can take up valuable time and resources.

Fortunately, BES Cleaning has a solution. Let your employees focus on their other important work, and count on BES for your consumable supply refills. We’ll help you streamline the process of janitorial cleaning, and make it so that you never run out of the essentials again.

It’s effortless, affordable, and efficient. Here’s how to place your order with BES and enjoy easy supply refills:

Give us a call

You’ve already hired us to clean your office restrooms and other facilities. If you’d like to streamline the process, give us a call at (843) 873-6263 and let us know what items you’d like us to consistently refill for you. Some of our standard orders consist of the following:

Toilet Tissue

Paper Towels

Facial Tissue

Trash Liners

Trash Cans

Seat Covers

Hand Soaps

Hand Sanitizers

Feminine Wax Bags

Urinal Screens

Coffee Supplies



Place an order

Place an order with BES and let us be your one-stop-shop for office and janitorial supplies. Since our cleaners are already working their magic on your office facilities, let them handle the reordering, refilling, and restocking of all of your consumable supplies.

Sit back and relax

That’s it – you’re done! You can rest easy knowing that your office’s supplies will always be in stock. Say goodbye to last-minute trips to the convenience store or expensive overnight shipping orders. Our supply management service is competitively priced and designed to be convenient and reliable.

Interested in simplifying your office cleaning and management? BES Cleaning can direct and monitor your office’s consumable supplies. replenishing items and filling orders as needed. We also offer professional, green cleaning services (including flooring and carpets!) for office, medical, and education facilities.

Interested in our consumable supplies management services? Give us a call or fill out our form and learn what BES Cleaning can do for you!