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The team at BES Cleaning is excited to announce that we have added residential carpet cleaning to our floor cleaning services!

We offer the best in commercial floor cleaning, and we are thrilled that our customers can now experience the same technology in their homes. Our expert technicians use the most advanced equipment available and safe, environmentally-friendly products to keep your carpets clean.

Regular Cleaning Doesn’t Cut It

While carpets are soft and comfortable, they are also notorious for trapping dirt and odors. Food particles, dead skin, and grime become caught in carpet fibers triggering allergies and attracting pests.

Unfortunately, store-bought vacuum cleaners aren’t strong enough to thoroughly clean carpet fibers, leading residents to believe their carpets need replacing more often than otherwise needed.

Benefits of Professional Carpet Cleaning

Regular appointments with a professional cleaning service can improve the health and appearance of your home. Our cleaning agents are stronger than anything you can buy at the store, and work much, much better. Here are three reasons to leave your carpet maintenance to the pros.

Improves air quality

Vacuuming kicks up dust and dirt that can settle on other surfaces. For family members with allergies, this can cause sneezing fits and other reactions. In contrast, a professional cleaner can relieve allergies by sucking away dust. Professional equipment can also remove germs, which is especially important during flu season.

Clears contaminants

Food crumbs, skin particles, and other organic materials trapped in your carpet can attract pests like roaches and ants. Microscopic insects like dust mites often live in carpets and trigger allergic reactions for an individual with asthma.

When the vacuum cleaner doesn’t seem to be working, many people will try to soak their carpets with soap and water. Unfortunately, this can encourage mold and mildew to grow. Only a professional cleaning service can completely clean your residential and commercial carpeting.

Treats deep stains

You’ve tried all of the over-the-counter sprays and treatments you can find, but the glaring stain on the middle of your living room carpet just won’t come out. As previously mentioned, soaking your carpets with water can lead to mold growth, which means that stain can be extremely difficult to remove on your own. Don’t throw away the carpet- instead, hire a professional service to treat the tough stain and make your carpet look brand new!

Improve your home’s atmosphere and extend the life of your carpets with residential carpet cleaning from BES. Ready to makeover your carpets? Give our expert team a call at (843) 873-6263 or contact us online.