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Pest infestations are a hassle that can cause your company time and money, making pest control an important aspect of office upkeep. Unfortunately, falling behind on regular cleaning can trigger an invasion. Aside from severe infestations, preventative measures are usually enough to keep pests out of your office space.

At BES Cleaning, we know that pest control is essential to the health and safety of your office. Here are a few areas around the office you should regularly clean to keep pests at bay.

Cafeterias and break rooms

First up, cafeterias and break rooms. Crumbs and spills are the number one cause of a pest invasion. To limit the areas bugs are attracted to, always eat in your office’s cafeteria or break room. In these areas, store trash in a sealed bin and regularly empty it.

Dirt and grime can also attract pests. Be sure to clean and disinfect counters, tables, and any appliances like coffee makers or toasters. Be sure to put food away and clean up after you eat; food remnants will attract flies and roaches.


Carpets are also an important area to focus your pest control efforts. Without regular cleaning, carpets can become a breeding ground for pest infestations. Pests like dust mites, fleas, ants, or ticks will burrow into carpets.

Consistent cleaning will remove the food, dirt, dead skin, and other organic matter that is trapped between carpet fibers and attracts vermin. Your office should regularly schedule carpet cleaning from professional services like BES Cleaning to make sure carpets are kept clean and pest-free.

Outdoor Areas

Finally, consider outdoor areas when performing pest control. Of course, insects and rodents live outside, so it is impossible to clear them completely. However, several preventative measures can keep them from leaving their natural habitats to invade your office building.

Trim shrubs and branches hanging near windows or the sides of your building that encourage insects to take up residence. Make sure windows, door frames, and other entry points are sealed and cleared of any debris. Lastly, repair sidings and decayed wood on or near your building to help prevent pest invasions.

Pest control should be a priority in your office, as these critters can exacerbate allergies and spread disease. Regular appointments with your local cleaning agency will keep your office building clean and safe.

The expert team at BES Cleaning can help you maintain regular, deep cleaning for your office. We specialize in office and commercial carpet cleaning. Call BES today at (843) 873-6263 or visit us online to schedule a visit from our team of cleaning experts.