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In the medical profession, offices, waiting rooms, and restrooms gather dangerous germs that can cause serious illnesses for patients, staff, and others. Older patients or those with weakened immune systems are especially susceptible to catching a virus from an unhygienic medical facility.

Patients should feel comfortable and safe when visiting your office. Therefore, proper cleaning must be a priority. Your facility’s cleaning routine should be simple, effective, and easy to follow. Here are a few tips to help you maintain a hygienic, clean medical office.

Don’t forget to disinfect

You may be surprised to learn that there is a difference between cleaning and disinfecting. Cleaning removes surface-level dirt and grime from floors and countertops. Disinfecting kills germs and and viruses invisible to the naked eye. For hospitals and doctors’ offices, disinfecting is an essential aspect of any cleaning routine.

Use the right cleaning supplies

In the office, sterilize used instruments and set aside designated containers for biohazard waste. Furthermore, make sure that hand sanitizers and soap are readily available to staff and patients. This will help prevent the spread of flu and other viruses. Disinfectant wipes are best for cleaning up spills or any other mess.

All disinfectants should be EPA-approved and color-coded to avoid cross contamination. Towels with microfiber technology best absorb dust and germs. Finally, use a powerful HEPA multi-filtered vacuum for the cleanest possible workspace.

Sanitize restrooms

Restrooms are often one of the most unsanitary rooms in the office. To keep it as clean as possible, post hand washing reminders beside sinks in bathrooms. Encourage your staff to wash their hands after each visit with patients and every trip to the restroom.

Ensure that paper towels and soap are always kept in stock. Hard surfaces such as doorknobs, toilet seats, and sinks should also be regularly disinfected to protect the health of patients.

In addition to endangering the safety of staff and patients, your business may acquire a negative reputation if restrooms are unsanitary.

Hire a Professional Cleaning Service

To avoid falling behind on cleaning, schedule regular visits by a professional cleaning service likes BES Cleaning. A professional service can develop cleaning protocols and checklists that comply with federal regulations and can be easily followed by medical staff.

Without frequent cleaning, you risk missing corners, counters, or even entire rooms. If cleaning schedules aren’t coordinated, a team of different staff members might become confused about when rooms were last cleaned and your office will be less sanitary. A professional cleaning service can help avoid these issues.

At BES Cleaning, our expert staff comply with federal and industry regulations and arrive equipped with EPA-approved cleaning supplies and disinfectant. For a sparkling clean medical office, schedule an appointment with BES. Reach us online or at (843) 873-6263. Your patients and staff will thank you!