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At BES Cleaning, we understand that moving into a new office space can be stressful. However, a move can be an excellent opportunity for your company. The beginning of a new year is the perfect time for change and allows your company to start fresh.

While moving is stressful, there are ways you can minimize stress and downtime. If you’re moving into a new office building this year, here are five tips to help the process run smoothly and efficiently.

Stay organized

Before you start tossing old papers and office supplies into miscellaneous boxes, you’ll want to stay organized from the very start of the move. Begin by taking inventory of everything that needs to be moved so you’ll know if something gets left behind.

Label all boxes with the names of rooms or people the contents belong to. For example, coffee machines, filters, mugs, and other accessories should be put in boxes labelled “break room.” By staying organized, you can prevent losing important items and feeling overwhelming when unpacking in your new space.


While you’re taking inventory, decide if you can throw out any outdated paperwork, broken, unwanted office supplies or furniture, or anything else that doesn’t need to move with you. Ask each employee to help separate items into three categories: throw away, donate, or keep.

The managers or owners of your company should be able to sort out unnecessary paperwork and files. Don’t waste money on movers and time packing items you’ll only end up throwing out as soon as everyone is settled in the office.

Do minor repairs and touch-ups

While you should hire a professional for major repairs, smaller projects such as repainting can be accomplished on your own. Construction workers or the previous tenants may have scratched the paint on the walls, or you may simply want a change.

Moving into a new office is the ideal time to repaint walls or repair lighting fixtures. Once you’ve moved in furniture, you won’t want to move it all back out again to repaint or make repairs.

Consider an interior designer

If clients and customers regularly visit your office, consider hiring an interior decorator to decorate your building with a modern, fresh design. First impressions matter, and a client who walks into a dirty, dark, or outdated office will not have the confidence to work with your company.

Customers will be impressed with a building that is clean, well-lit, and beautifully decorated. An interior designer can help you choose trendy artwork and the furniture that best fits your new office space.

Set up a commercial cleaner

Before you move in furniture and employees, you’ll want to make sure that your office space is thoroughly cleaned. A visit from a professional cleaning service like BES Cleaning will set you up for success before moving into your new office.

The entire building, especially carpets, restrooms, rafters, and floors, need deep-cleaning. The previous tenants may not have cleaned up after they left, and vacant buildings can accumulate dust and dirt.

Regular visits from a trusted cleaning company will prevent the build-up of dirt, grime, and germs. The professional, green cleaners at BES Cleaning can keep your office sparkling and protect the health of customers and employees.

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