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The holidays and new year are upon us, meaning now is the time to hire a professional cleaning service for your holiday office cleaning needs. Start the new year fresh by deep-cleaning your office, carpets, and floors.

The holidays are a time filled with joy and family fun, but illnesses likes colds and flus are more common than ever during the holiday season. Your employees should be able to attend holiday parties this year instead of calling out sick. Regular cleaning can help stop the spread of germs and keep your office sparkling during the holidays.

Here are just a few of the holiday cleaning services that BES Cleaning can provide to keep your office clean and healthy this holiday season.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Walking over a year’s worth of dirt pressed into your dull, worn carpets when introducing new clients or customers to your business won’t make a good impression. Our commercial cleaning services will transform your office’s carpets from dirty and unappealing to soft and clean.

Enjoy a brighter, fresher office that shines from top to bottom. Whether your office is covered by smaller area rugs or is completely carpeted, it can benefit from a deep clean.

Green Cleaning

The holiday season is as much about giving as it is receiving. This year, give back to our planet by choosing environmentally-friendly cleaning services. At BES Cleaning, we are proud to provide green cleaning services and products.

Our bagless vacuums equipped with HEPA-certified filters reduce pollution while sucking away dirt and grime. Microfiber towels are safer for those with asthma or breathing difficulties since the towels absorb dust instead of spreading it through the air. The towels are also well-suited for containing germs.

In addition, our use of chemical dilution systems will prevent the accidental mixing of dangerous liquids. Our green cleaning services produce less waste and use less electricity and water than traditional cleaners.

Commercial Hard Floor Cleaning

For deep stains, a standard vacuum cleaner won’t give your floors what they deserve. Tile, wood, or VCT floors will appreciate the attention of our skilled technicians who can remove stains and grime with safe, nontoxic cleaners.

Kitchen and bathroom floors attract excessive amounts of dirt and germs, and cleaning your entire office space is a time-consuming process. By hiring an agency, you can enjoy a clean building without compromising your employees’ productivity. Don’t let dirty floors distract from your holiday celebrations.

Holiday office cleaning will not only have your office clean and organized for the holiday season, but will also prepare your business for a tidy, healthy new year. Give the gift of clean this season and refresh your office in preparation for the new year.

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