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Temperatures are falling and winter is right around the corner. The cold winter months can unfortunately drag a lot of unwanted things into the office. That’s why we’ve put together some winter cleaning tips to help keep your office hazard-free.

From dirty boots to slick floors and even flu-causing germs, winter and cold weather can bring many potential threats into the workplace. It’s important to keep your office tidy and sanitized during the cold times of the year.

Follow these tips to maintain a positive and clean work environment this winter:


Keep floor mats or rugs near doors and entryways to catch inevitable dirt, foliage or wetness that may get carried into the office. This will prevent people from slipping or leaving unwanted footprints on the floors.


Even with the help of floor mats, people still . Be sure to regularly sweep, mop, and vacuum floors. This will not only keep the office from becoming dirty and unappealing, but will also help eliminate germs.


Clean your air ducts and change your air filters regularly this winter. While this is maintenance you should practice year-round, it is especially important during the cold months. Not only will this improve your heating system, but it will maintain the air quality in your office as well.


Clean surfaces with disinfecting, non-toxic cleaning products to eliminate the spread of virus-causing germs and bacteria. Some of these surfaces include office phones, desks, door handles, keyboards, light switches and other commonly used items around the office.

Cleaning surfaces a couple times a week will help prevent illness from spreading in the workplace, helping your office stay healthy and productive.


Keeping windows clean is an important- though perhaps overlooked- aspect of winter cleaning. Dirty windows become cloudy and reduce the amount of sunlight let in the office. Natural light promotes positivity, helps heat up the workspace, and eliminates the amount of moisture found in the office, especially in carpets. Clean windows are also impressive towards new and regular customers.

By following these winter cleaning tips, you can keep your office healthy, safe, and productive during the cold months to come. Cleaning the office can be a time-consuming process, so call in a professional cleaning service to help take the task off your hands and get the job done right.

At BES Cleaning, we provide professional, green cleaning services for office spaces, schools, hospitals, industrial spaces and more, as well as carpet and hard floor cleaning services. Take the next step in creating a clean, productive office space and call BES Cleaning today!

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