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At BES Cleaning, we are committed to using environmentally-friendly practices in our services. We only have one Earth, and we believe it is extremely important to do what we can to protect it. Not only do we want to help clean your commercial space, we want to help clean the world.

Green cleaning refers to using products and procedures that are safe for the environment. This includes products that do not emit any pollutants, practicing safe disposal methods, promoting water conservation, and producing less waste and electricity.

Just a few of BES Cleaning’s green cleaning methods include using bagless, HEPA-filtered vacuums, eco-friendly products, and color-coded microfiber towels and chemical dilution systems that safely handle chemicals and reduce cross-contamination.

Not only does the use of green cleaning practices in your office space promote the health of our environment, but it also promotes your health and the health of your employees. Green cleaning products are free of harsh chemicals that pollute the air we breathe.

At BES Cleaning, we believe it is our duty to give back to the planet that gives us so much. And environmentally-friendly cleaning practices are beneficial not only for the environment, but for everyone. Learn more about the benefits of green cleaning here.

If you’re interested in BES Cleaning’s green cleaning services for your commercial space, contact us today online or at (843) 873-6263.