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When you think about factors contributing to a student’s academic success, a clean school environment probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. However, research shows that school cleanliness does affect students’ academic performance and success. In fact, cleanliness is so important to productivity that it is considered one of the top 4 most important building elements for a school or learning environment.

From elementary schools to college campuses, an unclean, untidy environment can be detrimental to students’ learning experience. A lack of cleanliness in educational facilities affects students in the following areas:


Schools are a breeding ground for germs and illness. With more occupants per square foot than most offices, germs can spread like wildfire in schools. This problem can be especially harmful in elementary schools, as children’s’ developing immune systems make them more susceptible to illness than adults.


When students are constantly getting sick, that means more time out of school. And while a child may be happy they get to spend the day at home rather than in the classroom, chronic absenteeism can be extremely detrimental to student performance. When students miss too much class, they may begin to fall behind their peers.


Lack of cleanliness can also be a major distraction to students. So much as an untidy room can distract students from their teacher’s lesson, with distraction only increasing the dirtier the facility. Children have enough trouble concentrating as it is, and don’t need the extra distraction while they are trying to learn.


These factors all contribute to a student’s academic performance. Negative effects on health, attendance, and concentration can hinder a student’s ability to perform successfully. In a clean school facility, students will be able to perform without impacts on their health or concentration impeding them.

It’s not just students that have more success in a clean school. Research shows a correlation between school cleanliness and teacher’s achievements as well, as a clean school makes for a less stressful working environment. The better a teacher performs, the better his or her students will perform.

A clean environment is a more productive environment for everyone. From the classroom to the cafeteria, from sanitary surfaces to shiny floors, students thrive in an environment that is clean, organized and tidy. If you want your students to perform to the best of their abilities, provide them with clean, sanitary school facilities.

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