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Most people like to keep some supplies, decorations, or other necessities within reach on their desk. However, supplies can quickly deteriorate into clutter, and clutter can spiral onward into a mess. Don’t be that coworker — here are five tips on how to keep your workspace clean and mess-free!

  • Cup Control


Especially in the summertime, when iced coffee flows as freely as water, everyone is guilty of leaving a plastic cup or two in their kitchen or their car, or even on their deskspace. However, when one or two plastic cups turns into three or four dirty coffee mugs that you keep promising you’ll get to later, it starts to get out of control. Make sure you’re feeding your coffee habit without letting mugs multiply, and if you have communal cups shared by all your coworkers, always make sure to wash and replace yours at the end of the day.


  • Kitchen Duty


Speaking of washing your mugs — this isn’t your college dorm, so don’t leave a pile of dishes balancing precariously in the community kitchen sink! Not only does this attract bugs and breed bacteria, it’s rude to keep adding to a stack, even if you weren’t the one who started it. Wash your dish and put it away, and don’t leave food in the refrigerator at the end of the day. One expired yogurt might not seem like a huge deal, but pretty soon it turns into more than that, and a fridge full of bad smells and rotting food isn’t going to win over any co-workers.


  • Cleaning Supplies


It’s never a bad idea to have cleaning supplies on hand. Keep a box of disinfectant wipes and some hand sanitizer at your desk for easy access in case there’s an accidental spill or any other kind of mess that needs to be wiped up. Not only does this make cleaning up messes far more convenient, it will also help prevent you and your co-workers from spreading illness and ensure that your desk is a sanitary environment.


  • Don’t Eat at Your Desk


A quick snack is fine, but don’t eat a messy lunch that might spill and spread strong smells throughout the whole office at your desk. Not only is it rude and likely disruptive to your other coworkers, eating lunch at your desk will spread crumbs and bacteria, which will increase the risk of spreading illness throughout the office. Find a spot away from your desk, wash your hands before and after, and wash out or dispose of your containers immediately after you eat them.

  • Hire A Professional

A clean office space is a professional office space. Despite everyone’s best efforts to keep a clean and efficient workspace, chances are it is eventually going to get out of hand. A trusted office cleaning service should regularly come into your workspace to keep everything clean and hygienic. They’ve been trained on how to keep the office sanitary and will be able to keep mess and germ spreading to a minimum!
Following these tips will not only help keep your office clean, but will help slow down the quick spread of colds and viruses throughout the office. A clean office helps increase productivity and presents a more professional front, so make sure to be a considerate co-worker and keep your personal space sanitary!