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It goes without saying that germs are easily transmitted in the office; there are lots of people walking in and out each day and carrying lots of bacteria with them. However, some spots in the office are notably dirtier than others. We made up a list of five bacteria hotspots lurking in your office — read on to learn more!

  1. Phones

Both cell phones and office phones tend to collect a whole lot of bacteria. You can’t exactly toss either of them in the wash, so it becomes easy to quickly forget about just how many germs you may be spreading. Office phones get passed around, breathed on, and touched by lots of different hands, and it’s no secret how much bacteria is hiding on the average smartphone. Be sure to regularly disinfect each appliance to prevent further spread of sickness.

  1. Office Kitchen

Break rooms and kitchens, while great in theory, are often the dirtiest place in your office. Far too often, someone’s sandwich or yogurt gets pushed to the back of the shelf and left to rot, making your refrigerator a breeding ground for disease-causing bacteria. Plus, most people tend to treat general cleanup of the communal kitchen as someone else’s job, which can create messes throughout the day that won’t be cleaned up until much later Leaving clutter and food out invites in bugs and germs; be sure to clean up after yourself and leave the kitchen as you found it.

  1. Most Touched Surfaces

If you think about it, it makes sense that the surfaces you touch the most will harbor the most germs. Door handles, hand rails and sink taps all collect a mass amount of bacteria, as they are touched by so many people so frequently throughout the day. To prevent further spread, keep a disinfectant on hand and be sure to thoroughly wash hands after leaving the restroom.

  1. Desk Space

Some desks are filled with clutter while others take a more minimalist approach; however, all are generally a prime location for germs to gather throughout the day. Computer keyboards in particular tend to host a great deal of disease-causing bacteria, being arguably the most touched surface in any given office. However, something as simple as eating lunch on your desk can be spreading crumbs and leaving particles of food that will add to the number of germs present. Plus, conference rooms are used so frequently and by so many groups that they are sure to harbor a fair amount of bacteria. Be sure to disinfect your desk after eating and regularly clean out your keyboard.

  1. Bathrooms

It seems to obvious that an office bathroom harbors a great deal of germs, simply because bathrooms in general tend to be fairly full of bacteria. The sink is touched by dozens of hands, and each time a toilet is flushed, it releases a small, unnoticeable spray of water that carries with it lots of the germs that were in the toilet, spreading throughout the stall. To prevent this, disinfect the seat after using, flush with the seat down, and turn off the sink with a paper towel.
These five places in your office are commonly perceived as being the dirtiest, although it varies greatly from place to place. The best way to keep a clean office is to encourage good personal hygiene and hire a reliable office cleaner who will keep everything in excellent shape.