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Hardwood flooring is a great choice for any home or apartment building; they are durable, sustainable, and very easy to clean. Without the proper maintenance, however their lifetime will be drastically reduced. Read on for some advice on how to keep your hardwood floors looking like new for as long as possible!

Schedule Cleaning

One of the perks of hardwood floors is that they are very easy to keep clean; but with very little effort, you can create a cleaning schedule that will extend their lifetime. They should be swept or dust-mopped daily and vacuumed weekly on the bare-floor setting. Once a month, they should be cleaned with a recommended wood-only cleaner, and require a maintenance coat once every 3-5 years. Finally, every couple of decades, they will likely need to be sanded and refinished. However, never steam-clean or wet mop a wood floor; this is sure to damage the surface! You should also avoid using products containing wax, citrus oil, oil soaps, steel wool, or any type of scouring products on the floor. Use only recommended floor cleaners to ensure that you will not be damaging the finish.

Prevent Scratches

Be careful of more than just tripping when you’re walking on a hardwood surface; make sure not to walk around in  cleats, high heels, and other shoes capable of damaging the floor. Trim pet’s toenails and make sure that they are not tracking in debris that has the potential to cause scratches, and leave small throw rugs near doors leading into the house to help catch any dirt or gritty particles that will gouge the floor. When moving furniture, make sure to pad the surface until the object is firmly in place, and lift it completely off the floor instead of sliding it around.  Preventing scratches is one of the most important parts of hardwood floor care;

Seasonal Protection

Just because your floors are indoors doesn’t mean they won’t be affected by the elements. During the summer months — or any time they will be under direct sunlight for an extended period of time — make sure to close window shades or drapes whenever the room is not in use to avoid bleaching the surface. Make sure to move furniture periodically to allow the floor to age evenly. It’s also a good idea to keep a humidifier running during the winter months, where the heating system of your home has the potential to dry out and increase gaps in the floors.

By following simple steps, keeping your hardwood floors in good shape will be a breeze. However, when there’s a mess that’s too big to clean, be sure to call a professional cleaning company to help ensure that you don’t inflict more harm than good on your floors.