We provide cleaning services to the following industries:


Each of us spends a significant portion of our day at work – touching the same desks, telephones, door handles and office equipment as many of our co-workers. A clean office will not only look, smell and feel better, it will help provide a healthier working environment for employees.

BES Cleaning provides commercial cleaning services for offices of all sizes. From cleaning floors to sanitizing surfaces, removing waste and much more, we’ll get your office building spotless!


Schools can be a breeding ground for germs and diseases. It’s just a fact of life that once one kid at school is sick, it’s a pretty safe bet several more will be sent home with similar symptoms. From classrooms, to cafeterias, BES Cleaning will keep your school clean and healthy.

Cleanliness plays a vital role in student productivity.

Your students, teachers and visitors deserve a healthy learning environment. Count on  to give you a cleaner facility from shiny floors to sanitized restrooms.


It goes without saying that hospitals need to adhere to a higher standard of clean. From waiting rooms to bathrooms, BES Cleaning will always work with the health and well-being of the patients, doctors, nurses and staff as our top priority.

Our professional cleaning standards include:

color-coding to avoid cross contamination
microfiber technology
HEPA multi-filtration vacuuming
EPA approved disinfectants


From restrooms to executive suites, we keep your facility clean, safe and operating like a well-oiled machine.

Depend on BES Cleaning to provide your employees and visitors a safe and clean facility with the flexibility and resources to clean according to your needs without ever inconveniencing your staff or interrupting your production schedules.

Our industrial cleaning program services areas such as:

warehouse and production floors
offices and executive suites
cafeterias and breakrooms
conference rooms


We continue to work with construction companies to ensure their buildings are clean from top to bottom before the keys are handed over. Our clients place trust in us time and again because we understand exactly what is needed and how to deliver. Don’t make the mistake of hiring a company that doesn’t understand a painter’s mess, window labels and construction dust!


From carpet to tile and VCT, there’s no floor too dirty for BES Cleaning!

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

You want to make a great impression on anyone visiting your commercial building, and dirty carpets are a sure way to make it appear dingy, out-of-date and dull.  Transform the appearance of your business or office with commercial carpet cleaning. Go from old to new with carpets that have a brighter, fresher look and even smell better!

BES Cleaning has the equipment and technicians available to give your carpeted floors that deep clean feeling you didn’t know you were missing. Plus, we use environmentally safe and green chemicals wherever possible.

Commercial Hard Floor Cleaning

BES Cleaning can handle nearly any hard floor surface: tile, VCT and more. Our skillful technicians will artfully restore your floors, giving them a spotless, glowing appearance. We pride ourselves in working to the highest industry standards.

Our powerful equipment and safe chemicals will give your floors the deepest clean. Let BES Cleaning restore the beauty back to your vinyl and hard floor surfaces.

View some of our floor cleaning examples below!


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