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Do’s and Don’ts of Window Cleaning

Window cleaning is one of those tasks that is rarely thought of and often dreaded. While windows don’t need to be cleaned quite as regularly as some other parts of your office or home, they still gather quite a bit of dirt and grime and require a deep clean every couple of months. Here are several do’s and don’ts on what to do when the time to clean the windows finally does roll around.

Do: Use The Right Cleaner

Something as simple as using the right solution to cleanse your windows can make the job much, much easier. When selecting a glass cleaner, make sure to use an ammonia-free solution. Ammonia can damage the materials surrounding your windows, cause tinted windows to discolor, and is also heavily toxic and can irritate your skin and your lungs. There are lots of great options on the market that are safe and ammonia free, or mix water, dish soap, and white vinegar for a do-it-yourself solution.

Don’t: Use the Wrong Tools

When cleaning your windows, choosing the wrong tools can have a lasting impact on your windows. Most people choose to simply use paper towels and glass cleaner, but using a squeegee on outdoor surfaces can save time and remove dirt and grime more effectively. Paper towels or microfiber glass polishing cloths will likely work fine on indoor surfaces and manage to minimize dripping. Take care to avoid using razor blades and other similarly abrasive tools, as they could wind up permanently scratching the surface.

Do: Save it For a Rainy Day

It might seem more tempting to clean the windows on a day where the sun is shining and it’s pleasant to be outside, but waiting for cloud cover will save you time in the long run. When windows are under direct heat of sunlight, the cleaner will dry much faster and be far more likely to leave streaks. Instead, try to avoid cleaning underneath direct sunlight, which will give you much more time to properly apply the cleaner and avoid having to repeat the process all over again.

Don’t: Do It Halfway

When you decide to clean the windows, sure to undertake the task fully; that means window screens, inside, outside, and window sills. Without cleaning the whole window, it will look and feel like none of it got cleaned at all. Remember that rain will not rinse grime off of a dirty window, and instead will just make it look dirtier. Remove and dampen your screens, and gently scrub them until all the dirt and grime is removed. Wipe down the inside and outside of your windows, and you will be sure to reap the benefits.  
Cleaning windows doesn’t have to be a hassle; but sometimes it definitely can be. If the windows in your home are too grimy, or too high up to reach the outside, always try to contact a professional who knows exactly what they are doing and will be able to make your windows sparkle!

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